HANO Fellows is a cohort program for nonprofit executives designed to support leadership development, share nonprofit management principles and foster peer relationships in the Hawaiʻi nonprofit community. The program brings together emerging nonprofit directors, who represent diverse missions and perspectives, but have a shared dedication to serving the people and communities of Hawaiʻi, to learn together. The program fosters connections with seasoned nonprofit leaders who have been through the Weinberg Fellows program.

This program will emphasize three priority areas that will be woven throughout all sessions:

·  Financial health. Finance concepts and practices that support organizational stability.

·  Equity and justice. Commitment to lifting up principles of racial equity and social justice.

·  Collaboration. Emphasis on collaborative relationships among internal board-staff leadership; alignment with external partners in order to work toward social change.

If you are a first time nonprofit Executive Director with 5 years or less experience in that role, who is leading a team at an organization with paid staff, and have an appetite for change and a commitment to learning and growth, this program is for you!  Priority will be given to Directors who might otherwise not have the opportunity for this type of professional development.

HANO and the Nonprofit Finance Fund present Understanding Full Costs Workshop Series

Tuesday, February 22 & Wednesday, February 23

9:30 - 11:00 AM & 12:30 - 2:00 PM HST

Morning Sessions: 9:30 - 11:00 AM & Afternoon Sessions: 12:30 - 2:00 PM HST

This series is an expansion of concepts and conversations introduced at the Full Costs conference session that was offered at Virtual HANOCON 2020 and 2021.  This is a repeat of the workshops offered to a first round of nonprofit and funder leaders in 2021.  Be part of our next round of leaders to attend!

It’s not only who we fund, but how we fund that matters. This workshop creates a unique space for nonprofit and funder leaders to learn as peers, set a shared understanding of the full cost of running an effective organization, and identify ways to improve funding dynamics in their own organizations and for the broader field.

The workshop series aims to:

  • Break down barriers between funders and nonprofits and create partnership in funding agreements
  • Explore how to communicate the full cost of an organization and how to fund with a full cost mindset
  • Challenge assumptions about accountability, reasonable costs, power dynamics, and privilege to advance equity and results

Who should attend: Hawaiʻi nonprofit leaders and funders.

  • For nonprofits: leadership involved with seeking funding, managing finances, and/or setting organizational strategy, such as executive directors, CFOs, and development directors. Also open to program directors, grant writers, and board members.
  • For funders: staff whose work includes interfacing with grantees and recommending/making grants, such as program officers. Also open to leadership, trustees, and grant management staff.

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